Algarve Collection - Introducing A New Palette

Euro Ceramica introduced a new palette of its line of Algarve dinnerware at the International Home + Housewares Show 2017 that was held at Chicago’s McCormick Place March 18 - 21. Euro Ceramica’s Booth #S1521, was located in the South Building in the Dine + Décor Expo.

Handcrafted in Portugal, the Al Garve dinnerware line offers simplicity at its finest. It is completed with rings of textured, dotted motifs on each artisan-inspired piece. The dinnerware will be offered in a variety of colors – shades of blues, greens, reds and white - making it ideal for mixing and matching with any set.

“We want to add simplicity to the dining experience, yet offer stunning dinnerware in unique and vibrant colors,” says Cecily LaMontagne, Director of Marketing & Design at Euro Ceramica. “We work hard to refresh our offerings to constantly be in tune with what is trending. The Algarve collection does this by bringing color and life to the tabletop while showcasing the food being served.”

Made of ceramic stoneware, finished with a transparant glaze and fired at high temperatures, the dinnerware is highly durable. It is both the dishwasher and microwave safe.

Euro Ceramica also exhibited many of its other dinnerware collections, serveware, glassware, accessories, flatware and décor.

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Date: 12/1/2017 11:07 AM EST

We’ve made gift-giving easy for you this year with our special holiday limited-edition bundles, only on Amazon!

Duomo Accessories:

Duomo lifestyle 1  final.jpg

Tabletop Necessities:

Serving Basics:

Jumbo Serving:

Duomo is the perfect set for someone who likes to dress up their table. And with these bundles, we’ve made this high-fashion look more accessible than ever. Add a little golden elegance to someone’s life—for half the price!



Serving Basics:

Bowl Collection:

Tabletop Necessities:

You can’t go wrong with Winterfest. It makes an absolutely beautiful gift for the holiday season, perfect for that someone on your list that’s difficult to shop for. With the variety of accessory options, and the convenience of these bundles, you will definitely be able to find something new and exciting to spice up their holiday kitchen—or yours! I personally guarantee any giftee will love anything from this collection: I bought it for my own mother and she’s already used it half a dozen times!

Winterfest + Algarve Bonus Packs:


White Salad:

Red Dinner:

This is the GO TO gift for someone who just loves a party! Help them set the most beautiful table this holiday season and live their dream of real-life TV hostess. Or host—the bold red and smooth white of Algarve make this an excellent gift for any man who loves to cook!

Algarve Christmas Cheer Combination:

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Red Serving:

White Serving:

Salad Plate Mix:

Dinner Plate Mix:

This truly classic combination will be a winner with anyone who loves the spirit of the holidays. Bring cheer to your friends and family in timeless red and white, that they can then use year-round! Algarve is a Euro Ceramica signature collection—And it doesn’t go on sale often. These bundles are an excellent chance to pick up quality, made-in-Portugal dishes at a steal! Whoever receives this gift will be moved by your generosity and taste.

Here’s some more quick and easy ideas for someone who already has everything:

NJ Product Photographer | Catalog | Apparel | E-Commerce | Amazon | Advertising | Wholesale | Linesheet | Client | Lookbook | Photography | NY | Clipping | Masking | Mannequin

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Date: 10/30/2017 5:13 PM EDT

Partnering Pasion, History, Genuine Love of Pottery, Clay Barn Hits Stores in Q4


Euro Ceramica is proud to announce the creation of sister brand Clay Barn, which will provide artisan home décor at an accessible range of prices. Clay Barn is a collection born from the vision of Euro Ceramica Founder Nicolas Marjieh and Vice President Joanna Marjieh to combine the finest craftsmanship of trained artisans with designs inspired by their personal travels and individual backgrounds. Clay Barn products will be available online and via retail store.

With a long history in the ceramic industry primarily focused on tabletop, the Marjiehs wanted to expand their vision into home fashion and décor. For collaborators, they looked to longtime friends and colleagues Jennifer and Dennis from Joanna’s hometown, two creators of ceramics of outstanding quality. Their production headquarters, nestled in the mountains in a region abundant with mineral resources, famous for Qing-Hua, Chinese classical blue and white porcelain, and upheld by a history in ceramics dating back 4,000 years, has a long reputation for craftsmanship and artistry. Combining traditional techniques and motifs with modern technology and design, Clay Barn strives to bring the best of both worlds together with timeless style and effortless beauty, while keeping the craft of generations alive.

Clay Barn is the result of partnership, first in the union of the unique backgrounds of the Marjiehs, and later in the collaboration between Euro Ceramica and Jennifer and Dennis, and finally in the 4000 years of history that defines and informs the modern design and artistry of every single piece.

Clay Barn will cover all aspects of home décor, from vases to wall hangings to small furniture items. The initial production run will feature the following five collections: • Blue Garden: Traditional Chinese patterns and colors combine with a vintage aesthetic to bring culture and class into your home. • Fusion: Bold contrast defines the Fusion Collection and makes a stand-out statement in any home. • Grotto: Cheerful blues and unique variations between pieces speak of the bright summer waters of the Eastern Italian coasts and the timeless charm of the Adriatic Sea. • Luxe: Rich, deep blues, traditional designs and iconography, and hand-applied designs complement each other and your home to form the Luxe collection. • Patina: Ceramic and a fine metallic finish combine to create a look that is both eye-catching and humble, modern and traditional.

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Date: 9/29/2017 11:13 PM EDT

Fall is finally here! This is a season all about getting cozy with a feeling of luxury--especially luxury that comes from within. Fall is full of harvest, celebration, feasting, family, and fashion. Fall should bring the warmth of family and friends gathered around the fireplace, and the decor you use to set that mood should match that warmth.

With that in mind, let's dive right in to some dinnerware that will bring colors bright and sensational but also moody and rich into your cozy fall evenings.


Moody fall florals are always a highlight of Fall home décor and Alecante will not disappoint on that front. Alecante’s bright, rich color scheme screams fall. Perfect to line your family dinner table, Alecante will bring all your family around the table and get them down to eat a beautiful meal. Slow down that busy back to school feeling for some much needed family time--the sweet and welcoming design of Alecante echoes that warm chestnut glow of the fall sun through changing tree leaves and will certainly bring cheer to your season.


If you need something more velvety and intense to really refresh your table with the new season vibes or even set a romantic and vibrant mood, break out the Algarve. This rich, impossibly deep red will not disappoint. Algarve’s smooth and subtle lines echo the air of tradition that hangs over the fall season. The hand-crafted nature and elegance of Algarve harkens to the deep sense of Americana and a near-forgotten age of artisan craftsmanship and heritage. Feelings of harvest and pilgrims will abound from any table set with Algarve this season.


Duomo is deep and moody with glossy bright overtones, rich like fall leaves but intense to match the changing weather. Duomo's variety of accessories add a bright, golden touch to your table, making that perfect declaration of elegance and sophistocation without being overstated. The traditional feel to the design highlights the nostalgia many of us feel in Fall, but the bright colors help give color to the future.


Glowingly bright with a patchwork aesthetic of pure joy, it's impossible to look at Galicia and not be overcome with the kind of excitment you only felt jumping in leaf piles as a child. Recapture your childhood innocence and glee with these mix-and-match salads and cheeful golden dinner plates, or highlight a mellower set with the colorful accessories.


With a soft and intentionally incomplete look, Mumbai is imbued with the spirit of love. For gaurenteed cozy good times, cuddle up with Mumbai. Like a well-worn quilt from Grandma, the patchwork colors create a soothing and inviting effect that will surely add a glowing warmth to your dinner table or evenings by the fireplace.


If the end of Summer has you down, for a boost to your spirits go with Peacock. Fitting with the “Glitter bomb” aesthetic, this wild and distinct crackle-glaze design brightens even the darkest of Fall nights. Bright and bold and unexpected, Peacock is a win for the fashionista or those who love a great focal piece.

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Date: 8/18/2017 1:05 PM EDT

Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to the lightening bugs, warm nights, and outdoor living just yet. We’ve still got Labor Day, summer’s last hoorah. So put away the pumpkin spice and step outside, let’s plan a cookout!

3 Plans for an awesome cookout, bbq, or camping trip using Ceramic

Let’s face it, the paper plates are past their prime. This late in the summer season, your guests have probably seen just about every seasonal variation of watermelon, sunflowers, or, shudder, flamingos your local dollar store can muster. It’s time to break out something truly special. This is the last chance to gather friends and family around the grill and enjoy the sunshine. This excursion into the outdoors deserves a little more pomp and circumstance than your average BBQ.

At Euro Ceramica, we have just what you need: Ceramic servingware.

Add an air of presentation with a functional centerpiece that also brings your guests closer together by forcing them to share (what family doesn’t NEED this right now). Below, you’ll find three themes and seven collections to get you started on jazzing up your outdoor eating.

Go Coastal with Pescador & Ahoy

Keep things playful for good times with the squad with this light and fun nautical theme. Our Ahoy salad plates make adorable deserts look even more adorable, while the rounded belly of the Ocean mugs make for a perfect glass of iced tea—or spice things up with some Moscow mules (because at this point, hipster copper mugs are so overplayed). Bonus: With Pescador’s split fish plate, there’s no more fighting over the dip. Now you CAN have both. Fill one side with hummus, the other with salsa. Or guac. Or queso. The world (of dips) is at your hands.

Go Floral, Go Classy: Margarida & Azul Tile

Maybe you need something a little more impressive this Labor Day—everyone laughed at your 4th of July desert, the in-laws are coming from far away, you always burn the turkey on Thanksgiving....Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. The timeless, graceful terracotta of Margarida and Azul Tile pair with their simple floral pattern to create a look that’s classy, but still laid back enough for outdoor dining. Give everyone an appetizer plate and create a communal feeling with a large shared platter of fruits, nuts, and veggies. Or sub in some cheese and bread or even deli meats. Accent with individual trays and ozzie bowls for chips and dip.

Go BOLD. Explore Zanzibar, Galicia, Mumbai.

If you really need to stand out and make a statement, you cannot go wrong with any of these best-selling collections. The bright, exciting colors invoke the fading summer flowers and make sweet promises of fall leaves to come. Mix and match to suit your needs: Here we’ve used a Zanzibar serving platter and bowl as a centerpiece, with a Mumbai canister as a cookie jar. The vibrant multi-color Galicia salad plates create an explosive accent, making for a party your guests won’t soon forget.

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Date: 7/12/2017 7:10 PM EDT

It’s something of a moving-in day (or month) here at Euro Ceramica – New office, new warehouse, new website, new faces, and a bunch of new and exciting projects moving down the pipeline. But why should you care about us? Simple: We redefine dining every single day, and we love what we do. We strive to bring you the absolute best at an accessible range of prices. Everyone deserves designer dinnerware; our products just make eating that much better (and let’s be honest, it’s already pretty great).

Where Are We?


Welcome to our new office at 5 Mars Court, Boonton NJ, unit 3!

Euro Ceramica is proud to have offices in Portugal, China and New Jersey, plus a showroom at 41 Madison in NYC. Our global focus helps us serve you better, and makes it easier for us to stay on the top of the latest design trends around the world. This results in the best products with the most exciting and innovative designs we can make. We are always on the lookout for new things.

We’ve been in New Jersey for a while now, but this new space in Boonton is the start of a new era for Euro Ceramica. We now have a warehouse managed directly by us, ensuring your orders get where they’re supposed to go and that the packaging and presentation lives up to our standards.  Plus, a charming new showroom in-office. (But we still have the one in NYC!)

This all means we’ll be able to bring you more and better products, while also giving us the chance to expand the content we provide. Keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts for company updates, décor tips and how-tos, the latest in home good trends, and even some recipe ideas to put those new plates, bowls, and mugs to work! Plus, be on the lookout for a video tour of our new office sometime next week…Who knows, maybe we’ll have something special snuck just for you.

So, Who Are We?

Small, fast, diligent and passionate about what we do: This is the team determined to bring joy into your life through dinnerware.

Nicolas | Founder from Boonton NJ, USA


28 years working in the Housewares Industry, 5 years prior working in the Financial Industry off Wall Street


Zanzibar; it’s whimsical and delightful, it brings back the happy feeling of a Mediterranean Life that has various authenticities and culture.

It also represents to me the value of the traditions of the different nations living in the Mediterranean, from various languages to different values.


To make a change in someone’s life, to make a difference and be different for the good side of life. To help without expectations.


Nature and Art, travel that opens the eyes to the art of people from all over the world.


Many years ago, I was in JFK Airport trying to check in for a flight to Lisbon, Portugal. While I was waiting for my confirmation of the flight, there was a passenger in front of me at the check-in desk, who looked upset and frustrated. She had heavy accent and did not speak English well. The airline employee was determined not to let her check in for her flight.

So, she moved away from the desk and I approached the airline employee for my check-in, only to find out that the flight to Portugal was cancelled. I would have to stay overnight at the airport to catch another flight.

Leaving, I saw the girl who could not check in for her flight. She was crying and looked like a teenager. I asked, “What is the matter?” She said that she lost her ticket and the airline will not let her on unless she pays to issue another paper ticket. It’s the airlines taking advantage of obvious situations (by the way, the airline went bankrupt 4 years later).

So, I asked, “Why don’t you pay?” She replied, “I don’t have money as I came to visit the USA from Italy and I must return home to my parents.”

While she is crying I tried asking the airline employee and mediate if possible that she can let this poor girl get on the flight when her passport matches her name in the computer, still I received a very harsh response of, “This is the rules of the company and she has to follow the rules.”

I really felt sorry for the girl. I thought of my own daughters. What if they were stranded at an airport and had a situation of some kind?

So, I approached the girl and I told her I will give her the $200 the airline is asking so she can get home, and if she pays me back she can send the check to this address. I went back to the check in desk with her and checked her in for her flight.

I did not expect to get the money back but she did pay me back $75 (she was still a student in high school).

I thought about this many times during the following years. I think I was meant to be at that airport for a reason other than my flight. It was for me to help someone that had no other way of getting help that day. I did not think about if I will get any money back, as it was a great feeling to help someone for a good reason.

This happened in 1993.

Joanna | Vice President 


15 years as owner of a mid-scale stoneware factory in South of China, which has more than 4000 years of history of Ceramic Art.

6 years experience working in Euro Ceramica as Vice President




Ceramic is my destiny.  Every piece of ceramic has it’s character and soul. I learned the traditional way to make ceramic ware at age 19, a year before graduation from University, where I majored in international trade and finance management. Instead of becoming a banker like many of my classmates,  ceramics brought me to a different world.  It’s a world of natural art.

After 20 years,  I still feel time is too short for me to know more about ceramic.

To help  transform a nice idea of our designers’  into artwork, then into an actual piece of clay art that we can enjoy, that enhances the pleasure of our living, that’s my endless passion.

Ceramic helps me to grow and has brought my steps across my love one’s. Proudly, through teamwork together with our talented team,  we create more arts of clay that will enrich the beauty of  life.

Cecily |Director of Marketing & Design from New Jersey, USA


8 years in Design, 6 in Business Management/Sales/Marketing


I would be the Fez Collection!  While conducting research prior to starting my position at Euro Ceramica, the Fez design instantly caught my eye and I immediately purchased 8 place settings online.  I think the design is reminiscent of my style and personality.  I love the symmetry of the design and the crackle finish under the glaze, yet it still has this soft-feminine floral pattern to it.  I always receive compliments on my dinnerware set whenever I am entertaining friends or family!


Making people happy.  Working for a company that produces products that bring joy to someone’s life, even if just for a few moments of each day, is very satisfying to me.  When I hear feedback from customers on how much they love the product and the design, it truly validates why I love coming to work every day.


Beautiful things…and people!

Rebecca | Logistics & Finance Supervisor from Boonton NJ / China


2 Years with Euro Ceramica, Inc.

8 Years in Branding Consultation

3 Years in Sales & Marketing



It’s not that fancy like Zanzibar

It’s not that trendy like Fez

It’s elegant and deluxe

It’s special.


A sense of achievement


“Impossible is Nothing.”

Warren & Donna | Product and Showroom Design & Merchandising from Long Island, NY


35 years of Visual Merchandising experience, 20+ years Design and Product Development


Travel, nature, interior design, architecture, graphic design and color, antiques, books and magazines.

Michael | Logistics and Customer Service Specialist from Lake Hiawatha, NJ, USA


6 in Logistics Management


A fork

Jessica | Assistant Account Manager / Customer Service Specialist from Memphis, TN, USA


Retail and Customer Service: 7 Years

Merchandising/Product Management: 5 Years

Teaching/Instruction: 4 Years


The Savannah Collection in Turquoise or Pink. I love the colors, the design, and the shapes! They bring about a sense of elegance that doesn’t sacrifice simplicity and detail.


I strive to make my customer’s experience easy and enjoyable, while delivering a product to them that fits their needs and exceeds their expectations!


I am constantly inspired by those who encourage me to go above and beyond what’s “good enough.” Additionally, the remarkable beauty found in nature inspires my creativity and imagination!


My family is deeply embedded in the sewing machine industry, so naturally I know way too much about sewing, quilting, and embroidery. If you ask me a question about a machine, a technique, a technical problem, anything at all, I can probably answer! I am currently trying to master computer building as a something else to fill up my brain!

Emily | Sales & Marketing Assistant, Social Media Go-Getter from Ohio, USA


Sales, Marketing, and Social Media Management: 2 Years

Design: 3 Years




Desire to live in a world of form AND function


Puppies, my three cute kitty babies, the caterpillar I briefly adopted into my home until he ate all my houseplants (Keep eating Wormathy, you’re an inspiration to us all).

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