About Euro Ceramica Inc.

You may have seen our product currently in retail stores such as Pottery Barn in Ceramic plates under the design called Emma, or Target stores using the Thomas O'Brian name, these and others are developed by Euro Ceramica Inc. We develop and offer European designs that fit in to the American market from various parts of the world, we bring new designs to the market every 4 to 6 months that we share with our clients. Our strength is in bringing you designs that are different than what is in the market. Because our designs are unique they will market themselves when merchandised in your store.

Our History

Nicolas M. Marjieh has been specializing in the housewares supply industry for over 10 years. In 1991, he discovered a niche in the market through sourcing these products in Portugal, instead of South America, where he had previously been conducting his business. This is something that very few companies before him had thought of. Mr. Marjieh also wanted to introduce & sell to the housewares market in the US directly from factories in Portugal & Spain. The combination of these unique ideas resulted in the formation of Euro Ceramica, Inc. in 1994. In 1995, Euro Ceramica established an office in Portugal to assist in sourcing products for various importers and retailers in the housewares industry.

What makes us different?

With offices located in the USA and Portugal we have more exposure in both countries. The result - we have the most extensive knowledge of both USA market needs and Portugal market vendor capabilities. Dual locations allow us to control and respond quicker to the clients needs and questions. In Portugal, the quality of production and delivery times are worked in the best interest of the client to reach the best cost of the product - something every client wants. We have a genuine understanding of the needs and requirements of the clients, through working with them directly and on a personal level.