Fall Leaves & Trade Show Madness: A Euro Ceramica Update

Fall Leaves & Trade Show Madness: A Euro Ceramica Update

Oct 3rd 2018

Happy October!

Hope you all are enjoying cozy Fall days filled with pumpkin spice sipped  from a sturdy mug. We’ve got crazy weather all over – 75 degrees here in NJ, and I’ve heard there’s snow in Montana! – but don’t let that stop you from getting in the Fall spirit.

Besides warm drinks and sweaters, the arrival of Fall can only mean one thing over here at Euro Ceramica…Trade show season!! We’ve been working like crazy testing and developing all kinds of new product in preparation for the big tabletop shows in NYC and Chicago.

We’ve added some fun new items to old favorites, like the ZanzibarDuomo Collections – and we should be receiving stock on those items soon, hopefully just in time for the holidays <3 

Look, here's a sneak peak just for you...

But we’ve also got a ton of new looks we’re bringing to market. We're experimenting with crackle glazes, raw clay, and all kinds of fun textured pieces. This year, much like every year!, we've made it our mission to through "boring" out the window. @ Euro Ceramica, we design with life, personality, and expression in mind. 

So you tell us! Vote with a comment on your favorite look from our fresh-from-the-kiln designs below, and maybe we'll bring it to our store!

When Nicolas started this company all those years ago, he wanted the opportunity to bring his distinct, boldly European aesthetic and experiences to the American market - And hopefully along the way, get his dinnerware in the hands of people who needed a little color and joy in their lives. We're here to help you lay an everyday table that doesn't feel "everyday." 

With that in mind, we are constantly developing and testing new designs, scouting trends, and making the best darn dishes we can! 

Of course none of that is possible without the people who bring our ceramics into their homes. Thanks for making us a part of your life! And don't forget to show us all the wonderful meals you enjoy from your Euro Ceramica plates, share your #EuroandDine style and tag us @EuroCeramicaInc 

Happy dining~!

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