How to Bring in the New Year with Style

How to Bring in the New Year with Style

Posted by Euro Ceramica on Dec 27th 2021

It’s been a year of transformation, between remaining socially distanced, a different president in office, and climate change in full effect. Let’s just say we expected little of what was transpiring.

That’s why it’s important to share and create memories with your loved ones this New Year. Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to a brand fresh year of opportunities.

Follow these steps on how to bring in your New Year with style.

Setting the Theme

With every grand dinner comes the responsibility of picking an unforgettable theme. We typically center most party themes around decor, food, and games.

After all, a theme may make or break your event.

For our theme, we went with a “Luxe Night In” which includes a minimalist approach to gold and white.

Making the List

After finding a theme, it’s time to prepare your guest list. Don’t forget to set an RSVP deadline and remember to mention the party’s theme.

Once finished, you can start bringing together a menu along with name cards to seat guests.

Setting the Tone

It’s time to add some decorative pieces to your party. Decorations help liven up any party.

Since we are hosting a holiday-themed dinner party, creating an embellished tablescape helps usher in those festive vibes from the forks to the ceramic dinner plates.

Starting with an exquisitely adorned placemat in gold to set the glittering tone for the evening with white and gold napkins to pair.

We pulled out our gold accented salad plates that transform every event from conventional to opulent.

Underneath, we used our White Essential dinner plate to complement the accessorized salad dish.

With our dinnerware place setting almost wrapped up, we added a finishing touch of Oro, the 20-piece flatware set, to our dinner table to add a feel of elegance with a glass set to toast with.

Finding the Playlist

Your dinner is hours away, but you don’t know what to play? Finding the right playlist for all your guests could be hopeless unless everyone listens to the same style of music.

If you aren’t so successful, creating a playlist with particular artists and genres creates room for discussion. Have your guests mix and mingle!

Adding the Extras

Spice up your supper with extra decorations and favors to get into that celebratory atmosphere. You can never go wrong with confetti.

After jazzing up the dinner table with more decor, get ready to enter the new year with a fabulous get-together. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your New Year’s dinner party style for 2022 and show us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #ECStyle.