Feb 9th 2018

Partnering Passion, History, Genuine Love of Pottery, Clay Barn Hits Stores in Q4

Euro Ceramica is proud to announce the creation of sister brand Clay Barn, which will provide artisan home décor at an accessible range of prices. Clay Barn is a collection born from the vision of Euro Ceramica Founder Nicolas Marjieh and Vice President Joanna Marjieh to combine the finest craftsmanship of trained artisans with designs inspired by their personal travels and individual backgrounds. Clay Barn products will be available online and via retail store.

With a long history in the ceramic industry primarily focused on tabletop, the Marjiehs wanted to expand their vision into home fashion and décor. For collaborators, they looked to longtime friends and colleagues Jennifer and Dennis from Joanna’s hometown, two creators of ceramics of outstanding quality. Their production headquarters, nestled in the mountains in a region abundant with mineral resources, famous for Qing-Hua, Chinese classical blue and white porcelain, and upheld by a history in ceramics dating back 4,000 years, has a long reputation for craftsmanship and artistry. Combining traditional techniques and motifs with modern technology and design, Clay Barn strives to bring the best of both worlds together with timeless style and effortless beauty, while keeping the craft of generations alive.

Clay Barn is the result of partnership, first in the union of the unique backgrounds of the Marjiehs, and later in the collaboration between Euro Ceramica and Jennifer and Dennis, and finally in the 4000 years of history that defines and informs the modern design and artistry of every single piece.

Clay Barn will cover all aspects of home décor, from vases to wall hangings to small furniture items. The initial production run will feature the following five collections:

  • Blue Garden: Traditional Chinese patterns and colors combine with a vintage aesthetic to bring culture and class into your home.
  • Fusion: Bold contrast defines the Fusion Collection and makes a stand-out statement in any home.
  • Grotto: Cheerful blues and unique variations between pieces speak of the bright summer waters of the Eastern Italian coasts and the timeless charm of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Luxe: Rich, deep blues, traditional designs and iconography, and hand-applied designs complement each other and your home to form the Luxe collection.
  • Patina: Ceramic and a fine metallic finish combine to create a look that is both eye-catching and humble, modern and traditional.