Your Guide to A Perfect Spring Staycation

Your Guide to A Perfect Spring Staycation

May 17th 2021

Spring has finally sprung and there’s no better way to welcome the season other than hopping on a plane or enjoying the outdoors with people we love the most. After-all, spring symbolizes new beginnings, adventure, hope and joy. While the past few days seems grim and gloomy as staying indoors and social distancing come in full swing, there’s plenty of ways to embrace the warmth of the season in the comforts of your own home. 

Self-isolation you say? We think it sounds more like a staycation. It doesn’t take much to whip something up in order to escape the ordinary. Sometimes fixing up your home and bringing out your festive glass wares is enough to uplift the spirit and get you in a giddy mood. Just like when you’re on vacation. Here’s what’s on our itinerary:

Start the day with a quick meditation.  

Are you the type to plan on doing self-care morning rituals but never got to do so because you always find yourself rushing out of your room each morning to make it to your 9AM meeting? Well guess what? Today’s the day you can finally tick that off of your to-do-list. Set your space up as if you were actually on vacation. Our Clay Barn Fusion Ombre Collection instantly takes you from your backyard to the beach with its dripping glaze of deep blue against a white base design, reminiscent of waves crashing across the white sand. The Fusion Drip Garden Stool can be used as a decorative end table where you can place a glass of water and your other essentials to start your day. The view of flowers from your garden in full bloom is a bonus!


Set up an outdoor brunch spot inspired by your dream travel destination.

Why stay indoors when the weather is so nice outside? By outdoors, we mean your backyard, balcony or your front porch. Let’s save your other favorite outdoor venues for another time when things are finally back to normal. Make sure to choose a colorful dining set to put everyone in a festive mood. Craving for some exotic food? Our Alecante Collection takes you to Marrakesh in an instant! After the dull winter months, nothing screams spring with much enthusiasm other than intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Inspired by Saint Patrick’s Day or Spring harvest, the Alecante Collection features a fresh green theme that would bring delight to any dining experience. It’s vibrant design adds to the aesthetic of a colorful Mediterranean dish making your couscous, Moroccan chicken bastilla, and lamb with prunes look good as it tastes!  


If Spanish or Italian Cuisine is what you fancy, our Galicia 4 piece Pasta Bowl Set will definitely elevate the whole dining experience. Its vivid and eccentric colors not only captures the warm and exuberant culture of the Iberian Peninsula region but also makes the entire set up reminiscent of Spring! You can choose from our four assorted pasta bowl sets which come in turquoise, plum, yellow, and red – all of which are crafted and hand-brushed to perfection by our skilled artisans. 


Enjoy a colorful and refreshing homemade cocktail when happy hour strikes!

Best part of working from home is you can actually enjoy a glass of cocktail or two while working on your laptop. Our Fez Glassware Collection is perfect for some sunset drinks as you lounge around your home alone or with some friends over. This collection features a unique take on the Andalusian design adding aesthetic to any cocktail. Who wouldn’t enjoy having Sangria or some G&T in these playful and intricately designed glasses. It’s definitely a fresh take from your usual wine glass. The Fez Glassware includes old fashion glasses, wine goblets, footed compote bowls, and highball glasses. Best served with some small bites!


Wine and Dine.

Of course! As with any vacation, your staycation is never complete without a scrumptious dinner paired with fine wine. Whether it’s just with your significant other or the entire family, there’s plenty of ways to set up your tablescape! For a romantic date night, we recommend Chloe Floral Accent Collection. Its elegant and floral design reminiscent of tulips gentle spring bloom gives you the fine dining experience you would get in a Michelin restaurant without having to burn a hole in your pocket! Just a nice intimate dinner at home made even more beautiful with fresh blooms and candles if you must.


Our dinnerware from the Fez Collection , on the other hand, is perfect for a larger group. If you’re having some friends or family over, delight them with this Moroccan inspired dinner set available in deep blue, turquoise, and grey. This set can be used for a four course meal which includes a salad appetizer, soup, main dish, and dessert!