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A total of ten musicals have won an Academy Award for Best Picture, but none has been as joyous and colorful as An American in Paris (1951. This Technicolor masterpiece tells the story of a struggling young artist, Jerry Mulligan, in love with both the city and the captivating Lise Bouvier. Bowl size: 7.65" x 7.65" x 1.57", 14 oz capacity An American in Paris tabletop was inspired by this magic. Turner Classic Movies commissioned artist Sarah McMenemy to use the seminal film as inspiration to develop illustrations that capture the evergreen charm of both the movie and Paris from the early 1950s. Sarah found inspiration from every aspect of the film including the festive storyline, vibrant set design and iconic cityscape. “What a joy to be a part of this collaboration! I love this movie and so it was extra important for me to stay true to its original vision. I’m proud of my work and feel I successfully designed a contemporary look inspired by this evergreen classic. The colors, the emotions, the scenes all are directly inspired by the film, capturing its style and essence.” Great detail went into the planning and execution of the designs. The goal was to distill the film for a modern audience and to capture the fun and allure of the film and of classic Hollywood. It needed to be more than just Parisian scenes. It needed to be An American in Paris.

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