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The immaculate dinnerware designs by French artist Dominique Tage are inspired by her life in Paris, and by her travels. The way that she perceives and interprets trends, botany, nature, trade shows, and museums in France translates beautifully onto her hand-drawn and painted designs.
What begins as a mere concept in her mind ends as designer dinnerware that invokes emotion and inspiration. Dominique is not simply designing tableware; she is telling a story.
Her career began in 1984 after she graduated from the Esmod Fashion School in Paris, France, and began working as a freelance designer, specializing in the clothing textile printing industry. After six years in the world of fashion, she transferred her focus to the creation of designer dinnerware.
“I was attracted by the innovative concept of “mix and match”, which appeared a few years ago, bringing more creative possibilities for the consumer, mobility and flexibility in the design of a more user-friendly training. the Table: more modern and more adaptable to the evolving tastes of a younger clientele, around more " Fashion " Tableware concepts, more flexible and which respond to a "favorite" purchase, which appeals to emotion". 
Her work consists of collections that are quite varied in style ranging from geometric, florals, ethnic patterns, or more classic styles. All inspired by various elements collected during travels, from the ethnical arts, from Nature and landscapes, as well as from exhibitions; and reinterpreted according to her sensitivity.
Take the Galicia collection, for instance. The bright and lively colors that are hand-brushed onto the ceramics in this collection perfectly embody the vibrant local culture of the Iberian Peninsula, for which it is named. The result is a stunning encapsulation of worldly culture that can be enjoyed by consumers for years to come.
Dominique’s latest offering this season is the Charlotte design; a collection of intricately designed dinnerware with hand-applied decals, all of which were also hand-painted.
“The ‘Charlotte’ decor was inspired by delicate flowers, in a range of pastel and fresh tones, such as pink clematis which bloom in early summer in Europe.” Says Dominique of her collection.
“Once the collection plan is established, I draw and then color the drawings, entirely executed by hand, using different mediums and techniques (watercolor, ink, gouache).”
After drafting the designs, her work is transferred to a thin decal. From here, the decal print is delicately applied by trained and experienced hands onto the porcelain, allowing for a touch of skilled craftsmanship throughout every step of the process. Finally, the porcelain is fired in a kiln to seal the design and create a flawless, long-lasting image on each piece.
Dominique creates passionate and timeless pieces that are meant to inspire consumers to express themselves through "interesting decorative objects."
She succeeds in her attempt to inspire us all over again with her timeless designs, each collection as unique as the home they will live in and the people they will serve.