Pintura 3 Piece Assorted Stacking Bowl Set

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Experience the joy of painting with the Pintura Collection by Euro Ceramica.

Completely hand-painted by Spanish artisans, every splash and pulse of the Pintura design is unique to the character of that piece. With no two plates exactly alike, the exciting explosion of color will lend endless variation and excitement to any table or meal. Each set in the collection comes in an assortment of four rim colors - cobalt, turquoise, green, and orange – lending even more distinction to the dishes and opening a world of mix-and-match potential.

The Stacking Bowl set includes a small (6”), medium (8”), and large (9”) stacking bowl. This cute trio is perfect for every step of meal prep, from mixing ingredients and holding chopped veggies straight to the table for a charming display. Dishwasher and Microwave safe, Pintura lends itself to that every night casual meal, but can also easily be dressed up for a full tablescape. 

To create your perfect table setting, host a mix-your-own salad or taco night with the Pintura stacking bowls and meal bowls. Let guests scoop their toppings from the stacking bowls straight into their personal meal bowl! Or accent any table setting, from traditional white to colorful, with a nice green salad and other sides in the central bowl trio for a distinct pop at every meal.